Tuesday, April 3, 2012

point form

thrifted button down, scarf, scarf clip and braided belt, joe fresh jeans, old navy flats, gifted hat

1. This weird inbetweeny spring weather is the WORST and makes it hard to put together blogworthy outfits.
2. My ankles are freezing today
3. I also haven't worn outfits worth documenting lately because I really need to do laundy. So bad. Behind that door is an EXPLOSION of clothing, it's awful.
4. I feel like I'm bombarded with articles and quips about COLOURED DENIM and all about how COLOURED DENIM is in style and you should really go out and buy COLOURED DENIM and as nice as COLOURED DENIM is I'm kinda sick of hearing about it. I got this COLOURED DENIM last year on clearance for like $10 bucks at Joe Fresh and that should satisfy my need for COLOURED DENIM for the rest of my life.
5. I got my couch! Isn't it great? There's a sticker under the cushions that dates it back to 1968. SIXTY DOLLARS!!! Here it is again, I'm smitten

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