Monday, April 30, 2012

baby deer butt

thifted floral skirt, heels, and necklace, old navy top

Someone I follow on Instagram had a cute photo up of her polka dot nails, and said she used the head of a sewing pin to make the dots. Genius! I know they make dotting tools to get the same effect but I can't imagine buying something that ONLY makes dots out of nail polish. I need more practice making uniform polka dots though, so I just put them on in random sizes and patterns. This way it kinda looks like a baby deer's butt, which is cool I guess.

This skirt is a billion kinds of ugly but I feel drawn to it. I like the cut and length, it fits perfectly, and the colours will go with anything. I found it Saturday morning and haven't really taken it off since. A couple years ago I donate a pleated midi skirt with a similarly ugly granny floral pattern on it because I didn't think I'd wanted anything with a hem below my knees anymore. Now that's the length of skirt I'm looking for. Go figure.

RIP skirt, you were cool.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

living room progress

I've started the slow process of finding things to decorate my living room, now that I have a presentable looking couch. It's always fun to find something that 1. looks alright and 2. has some sort of "meaning". I'm a fisherman's daughter who spent evenings in high school doing laundry after-hours at a lobster processing plant, and I spent a month down on the floor weighing lobsters for extra cash after my first year of college (worst job ever, if you were wondering). So, you know, I "earned" the right to have this weird ugly lobster hanging on my wall. And it happens to match my couch perfectly.

Those pillows though... don't match at ALL. They're leftovers from my old futon. I'm toying with the idea of an orange/brown/turquoise colour scheme. I've had my eye on pillows like these

And I want to give a similar treatment to this... thing.

It's probably the most versatile piece of furniture I own. It works as a thing to set my laptop on when I watch 1 Girl 5 Gays, or extra seating, or a table or a foot stool or a cat perch... anything you can think of. But that fabric is NOT my style, and it's all stained because I also used to use is as a nail painting station. Button tufted turquoise velvet would look alright, right? With a skirt for added foofiness? I'm into it. And I promise not to paint my nails on it...

Thursday, April 26, 2012

tip toe

old navy dress, le chateau tights, winners shoes

I've always had a crush on Melissa shoes so I was pretty excited to find these knockoffs at Winners yesterday. They kinda look like they fell out of a cartoon world, which I love. Only 20 bucks too! The brand is called Rootsitootsi, they're worth checking out if you're into Melissas but aren't a fan of the price.

So I went all the way uptown yesterday and only bought those shoes, and some pin curl clips. The more time I spend shopping in thrift stores, the less I enjoy the mall and big box stores. I agree with the concept of dropping a little extra on good quality timless pieces, I really do... but when all my good quality timeless pieces were five bucks at a yard sale, it's hard for me to put that into practice.

Friday, April 20, 2012


thrifted plaid shirtdress, belt, bag and shoes

Ummm I think Value Village listened to all my tweets to them banging on about how everything is too damn expensive there. Yesterday I found a bunch of stuff (including these shoes and the bag) and everything was under 10 bucks! That's still a touch expensive for a thrift store, but I'll take it. Especially after seeing LITERAL ACTUAL GARBAGE on the shelves last week. Seriously! There were a bunch of wine bottles there for 2 bucks a pop. Not even fancy bottles, they were like... 10 empty bottles of Hochtaeler. I assume someone "donated" them because they were too lazy to go to the bottle depot.

I didn't get a great picture of these shoes but they're HEELS! again! they're really comfy too. I love the colour and the rounded toe and the big buckle on these. They're kinda giving me Chloe vibes. Which I appreciate, because I'll never afford a pair of actual Chloe shoes ever in my life.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

kick up your heels

thrifted jacket, button-up, striped t-shirt, leather cat pin, belt scarf and dooney & bourke bag, joe fresh socks, old navy rockstar jeggings, american eagle desert boot heels

A while ago I made a weird pact with myself to never wear heels again because they suck and I hate them. But I guess I forgot, because I somehow ended up ordering these from American Eagle last week? I never keep the promises I make to myself. I don't regret it though! These heels are actually kinda comfortable and easy to walk in.

Monday, April 16, 2012

light and bright

thrifted dress, belt, and sandals, joe fresh cardigan

Oh man, the collar on this dress is so huge I don't even know what to do with it. I love it though! I want to live in vintage floral shirtdresses all spring. I'm kind of pushing it with bare legs and sandals today (it's about 15 Celcius right now) but w/e, I'm resilient.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

another day

everything thrifted except for old navy loafers

I was going to post another dumb rant about "remixing" and how stupid I think that word is, but I look like SUCH a smug jerk in these photos that I kinda want to leave it for another day. Everything in this outfit is ~remixed~ too! darn.

My follower numbers have been shooting up lately (hello, new readers) so I think I'll do a little giveaway when I hit 100 Google Friend Connect followers. Maybe some candy, makeup, PEI-related things, weird little vintage decorations and accessories. Like a little care package of stuff I'm into. Watch for it!

Monday, April 9, 2012


homemade dress, old navy top, thrifted jacket, bag, scarf, belt and boots

When I found this jacket it was wrinkled almost beyond recognition but I loved the stitching and the pointy collar so I got it anyway. After putting it through the wash it's not wrinkly any more but it's still not in perfect condition by a long shot. This is the sad thing about having a primarily thrifted/vintage wardrobe! Old things need TLC and if the person who owned it before you didn't give it any you're kinda out of luck. You can't reverse the ravages of time!!

I made the dress from Rookie, like I said I was going to (my mom helped a lot) and I'm really happy with it! It's very cozy.

Another perk of going home is seeing this dude again. One of the best cats around!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

i'll be your mirror

old navy rockstar jeggings and smoking slippers, thrifted button-down, scarf, belt, and dooney & bourke bag

Happy long Easter weekend!! I missed out on it last year when I worked on weekends. Did you know Easter Sunday isn't a stat holiday? Rough, eh?

I'm heading up east for some relaxation and a tasty Easter dinner. I also bought 8 men's shirts on the cheap so I can make this Rookie tutorial while I have access to my mother's sewing machine.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. If you're stuck at work tomorrow, try to get through it by gorging on Cadbury mini eggs. And if you're in the Maritimes, try not to get buried under too much snow.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

point form

thrifted button down, scarf, scarf clip and braided belt, joe fresh jeans, old navy flats, gifted hat

1. This weird inbetweeny spring weather is the WORST and makes it hard to put together blogworthy outfits.
2. My ankles are freezing today
3. I also haven't worn outfits worth documenting lately because I really need to do laundy. So bad. Behind that door is an EXPLOSION of clothing, it's awful.
4. I feel like I'm bombarded with articles and quips about COLOURED DENIM and all about how COLOURED DENIM is in style and you should really go out and buy COLOURED DENIM and as nice as COLOURED DENIM is I'm kinda sick of hearing about it. I got this COLOURED DENIM last year on clearance for like $10 bucks at Joe Fresh and that should satisfy my need for COLOURED DENIM for the rest of my life.
5. I got my couch! Isn't it great? There's a sticker under the cushions that dates it back to 1968. SIXTY DOLLARS!!! Here it is again, I'm smitten