Monday, April 30, 2012

baby deer butt

thifted floral skirt, heels, and necklace, old navy top

Someone I follow on Instagram had a cute photo up of her polka dot nails, and said she used the head of a sewing pin to make the dots. Genius! I know they make dotting tools to get the same effect but I can't imagine buying something that ONLY makes dots out of nail polish. I need more practice making uniform polka dots though, so I just put them on in random sizes and patterns. This way it kinda looks like a baby deer's butt, which is cool I guess.

This skirt is a billion kinds of ugly but I feel drawn to it. I like the cut and length, it fits perfectly, and the colours will go with anything. I found it Saturday morning and haven't really taken it off since. A couple years ago I donate a pleated midi skirt with a similarly ugly granny floral pattern on it because I didn't think I'd wanted anything with a hem below my knees anymore. Now that's the length of skirt I'm looking for. Go figure.

RIP skirt, you were cool.

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