Monday, May 28, 2012

it's all mine

cardigan: old navy
top: thrifted
skirt: thrifted
belt: thrifted
bag: thrifted dooney & bourke
shoes: aldo (circa 2008)
socks: joe fresh

The posts on IFB typically bother me, but I still go back check it every so often when I'm bored. At first I was really happy to read the headline - MAN-FLUENCE: A SINGLE GIRL’S GUIDE TO BLOGGING. So many fashion bloggers have boyfriends who take and edit their photos, code their blog, deal with the business side of things... I don't think this is WRONG by any means but it can be a little alienating to single girls, girls who aren't straight, girls who want to be single, girls who don't want their significant others to be involved with their blog (sup), and so on. So I thought, how NICE it is to have an article telling you that, hey, you can do it! You don't need a boyfriend with a fancy camera to take your blog photos! I was expecting something really empowering, you know?

Instead it's a post about writing to impress some imaginary dingus so that they'll want to bang you. Oh, cool!!

OK I get what the article is trying to say. That if you want your blog to succeed you need to make sure it's a confident and accurate representation of yourself. I get it! But what's with the weird heteronormative analogy they're using here to make you understand that? Proofread your entries and "be funny," just in case Mr. Right is watching. Bleh.

Keeping this blog as a means to impress a guy is the TOTAL OPPOSITE of what I'm doing here. The community that exists around style blogging is a cool womens safe-space to me. We're talking about style and fashion as it relates to ourselves, without taking male gaze into consideration. I'd rather keep that kind of attitude in Cosmo where it can go fester and die, thanks.

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