Tuesday, March 6, 2012

remix to the remix to ignition

thrifted joe fresh skirt, gap sweater, peter pan blouse, pin, ring and doc martens, sally hansen "blue me away" nail colour

A term that doesn't seem to stick around much these days, but has always bothered me, is "remixing." Like, if you've worn something once before, the next time you wear it you credit it as "remixed." Wearing clothes, doing laundry, and wearing them again is How You Wear Clothes! It doesn't need a fancy term for it. Anyway. I've worn all these pieces a bunch of time (on and off the blog) because I like them and want to wear them a lot. Except for the Doc Martens. I hope you're not tired of them because I'm SICK of them and can't wait until all the snow melts and I can wear something else on my feet.

PS My photos are still kinda screwy on the colour-front. I should probably fix that eh.

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