Saturday, March 10, 2012

great american moments of maybe

thrifted skirt, loafers and christian dior tights, dynamite top

Thanks to Erin, I no longer have scraggly overgrown hair. Yay!!

I had a very good thrifting day today after my haircut. I found this perfect black skirt, the loafers, and the sandals and boots in this photo. I picked up a couple pairs of (surpringly well-made and comfy!) shoes at Old Navy this week too. Look at 'em all. Nice shoes.

For some reason I never heard of China, IL until a couple days ago. Which is really weird because I LOVED watching Brad Neely videos in college and considered myself a big fan. I dunno how it slipped past me. So I watched it all in a day and now I'm having a great time re-watching all my old favourites. Like this:

That song is going to be the first dance song at my wedding.

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