Saturday, February 18, 2012

inappropriate footwear

old navy dress, gifted hat, thrifted angora sweater, rose ring, etienne aigner belt and doc martens, joe fresh pineapple nail colour

I wouldn't recommend wearing little shoes like this in February in Prince Edward Island. It's very slushy! and slippery. I was so tired of wearing Doc Martens though. So tired! I wonder if fashion bloggers in warmer climates realize how good they have it, that they don't have to organize every outfit around their own good pair of winter boots? Must be nice...

pssst it may be obvious from the quality of these photos, but I got a new (to me!) DSLR! It's a used Canon 20D I practically stole. Trying to take these photos with my old Canon S5IS in this light would have been a mess. And now I can finally take a photo of my black cat that doesn't look like a big black blob with eyes. LOOK AT THOSE LIDDLE FEATURES what a cutie eh?

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